Rosie is a song sang by Chain Gang, which is a group of prisoners who were chained together and forced to labor as a form of punishment. This song was recorded by Alan Lomax, a producer who was visiting Southern prisons, searching for blues songs, spirituals, and work songs to record. There is a claim that Jay-Z’s song Takeover is influenced by KRS-One’s song Sound of Da Police which is also influenced by Grand Funk Railroad’s remake of The Animal’s song Inside Looking Out. Also, it claims that Inside Looking Out was influenced by this song, Rosie. This claim emphasizes African-American folk music’s big influence on modern American music.


Rosie – Chain Gang


Doraji Taryeong

Doraji Taryeong is a Korean folk song from Gyeonggi-do region. Every Korean folk song has story in it. The story behind this song is a love story between a guy named “Do” and a girl named “Aji” The story behind this song has a sad ending where Do and Aji both die. However, different interpretation of this song claims that Doraji Taryeong delivers a message of encountering enlightenment and how this enlightenment fulfills one’s heart.

Doraji Taryeong [0:00 – 2:50]